oSokker is an Opera userscript (can also be used in other browser which support userscripts) that has been written as an extension to the web-based online soccer manager Sokker. It provides lots of visual enhancements to the sokker.org website and tries to improve the gaming experience by adding many new features to the site.

Download latest Opera version (0.2)

Download latest LOCAL Firefox version (0.2)

Installation guide for Opera

Supported Languages

  • English
  • Czech by (Nikolajbobov)
  • Hungarian (by mizrolist)
  • Maltese (by wayne_aquilina)
  • Slovak (by Neo)
  • Dutch (by Mithos)
  • Portugese (by Prof.)
  • Bosnian (by soldierbih)
  • Azərbaycan dili (by Karder)
  • Polish (by zmijes)
  • Croatian (by soldierbih)
  • Greek (by nsourtgr)
  • Finnish (by Odarah)
  • Serbian (by soldierbih)
  • German (by kb2stripe)
  • French (by PhiPhi)
  • Romanian (by eu_poli)
  • Spanish (by hatrix)
  • Italian (by k4psula)
  • Chinese (by nistlrooy)
  • Portugues BR (by rgbirro)
  • Catala (by manumanyes)
  • Turkish (by ExPo)
  • Russian (by agemiz)
  • Bahasa Indonesia (just basic translation)
  • Dansk (just basic translation)
  • Eesti (just basic translation)
  • Frysk (just basic translation)
  • Lietuvių (just basic translation)
  • Mакедонски (just basic translation)
  • Norsk (just basic translation)
  • Slovenščina (just basic translation)
  • Svenska (just basic translation)
  • Tiếng Việt (just basic translation)
  • Български (just basic translation)
  • Українська (just basic translation)



Login Form on the Start Page

oSokker adds a login form to the start page of Sokker. The Sokker-website does (of course) not allow to do anything without being logged in. Therefore it can be rather annoying to have to click on the "Log in" link on the start page everytime - just to be able to see the login form. oSokker adds a login form to the start page of Sokker so there is no need to load an extra page everytime when connecting to Sokker.



oSokker is highly configurable. Every feature in oSokker can be turned on and off. This can be done comfortably by using the oSokker preferences dialog.


Player Sorting

oSokker adds a sorting mechanism to the players page. This feature adds a drop-down menu at the top of the players page which lets you choose how to sort the players. You can use every information that is available to sort the players - on your own team's page this means that you can sort the players by skill as well, on other team's pages only standard sorting functionality is provided (this includes: first name, surname, age, value, wage, bookings, injuries and form).


Economical Summary

oSokker gives you a two-week-overview about your economy. oSokker takes the economical data from the current week and combines it with the data from last week. The result is a nicely formatted balance and difference overview of the last two weeks. This makes it really easy to see if your two-week-balance is positive or negative.


Match Details

oSokker gives you statistics about team-performances. This feature adds a short summary about a team's performance on the individual-marks-pages of every match. The summary contains information such as the average vote of the team's players, goals, assists, shots, fouls, substitutions, injuries, yellow and red cards as well as the used formation.


Team links

oSokker adds additional links for every team. This feature shows a little popup when you are moving your mouse over a team link. This popup contains additional links to the team's matches, players, transfers and history. The popup disappears if you move your mouse away from the link.


Colored Tablerows

oSokker adds background colors to tablerows. Some tables on the sokker.org website do not use different background colors for odd and even table rows. oSokker adds background colors to those table rows where they are useful.


Formation Display

oSokker tells you the formation you are using. This addon tells you how many defenders, midfielders and attackers you are using. It does this by checking your squad setup while you are editing it. If you are using more than 5 defenders, 5 midfielders or 3 attackers the respective number will be highlighted in red.


NTDB Links

oSokker allows you to easily add your player to National Teams Database(NTDB). It shows a country flag over the skills. You just click on that flag and you are in NTDB.


Income calculation of a sold out stadium

oSokker calculates income of a sold out stadium on the arena page.

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